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The more you understand, the further you can take people. 

 Meet Jodee Gibson

Human Behavior Expert & Master Coach

International Speaker

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Things my clients show up believing...

'My kids won't listen'

'My team keeps losing'

'My students are lost'

'My clients are stuck'

We teach leaders on how to  
Unlock Stuck Spaces
Remove Limiting Beliefs
Uncover Unconscious Barriers
Increase Player/Client Success
Interrupt Destructive Patterns
And instead
Increase Self-Awareness
Create Sustainable Change
Invite Self-Discovery
hift Perspectives

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We work with
Parents • Coaches • Educators • Behavioral Health Practitioners


Our philosophy is

You're the expert in your field.

WHAT you are teaching and your knowledge of the field is your expertise, yet 
HOW people learn it and how they utilize your instructions - is our expertise.

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Although kids are not our primary focus, one thing we know for sure is, the majority of the challenges that most people face today often leads back to their childhood experiences. What holds people back is not who they are today, yet the limited version of themselves they remember being yesterday. Creating early awareness for parents, educators, healthcare and leadership around these spaces is our goal. 

Healing Your Map

Jodee's first book, Healing Your Map - released in November, 2022 earned a 
2023 IPPY Silver Medal for psychology/mental health.
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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We can only change the things we're aware of.
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Leading is an honor. Leading from a healed space is how legends are born.