Emerging Expert on Human Behavior, Perspective and Consciousness.


As a mastery level coach and international speaker, Jodee coaches and speaks to diverse audiences worldwide. As a native Detroiter, her warm, direct and raw energy will engage you from word one. Jodee has:

Learned Directly From

Dr. Richard Bandler - The co-creator and father of NLP.

Been Mentored By

The most influential leaders in the personal development and self mastery world including Tony Robbins.

Coached With 

The Master of Coaching - Mr Tony DiCello himself.

Shared The Stage With

Rollin McCraty, Director of HeartMath
Thomas Feiner, Institute for NeuroFeedback

Her Intention

Jodee's intention is to teach the world how to heal themselves and then heal the world around them, simply by being the best version of themselves. 

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Jodee's incredibly colorful background allows her to connect with any audience

As an International Speaker & Mastery Level Coach, Jodee has spent the last three decades studying each and every layer of human behavior. Her work is deeply layered in NLP, neuroscience, consciousness, trauma, levels of energy, the power of intention and the law of vibration. Her natural gift is her ability to deeply hear exactly what you are saying, what you are not saying and what you want to believe. Her ability to unpack your old story is beyond incredible. Her energy is palpable and highly addictive.

Starting life off as a wildly uneducated teen mom is where her insatiable quest for personal development and self mastery began. That journey, and everything in between, created the today version of Jodee. It's that same diverse energy that allows her to connect with any community imaginable. From displaced youth to world leaders, Jodee connects with authenticity and vulnerability, encouraging intentional consciousness™. She consistently remains a student while also powerfully leading. Her approach is holistic vulnerability. This is a glimpse of her educational path -

Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership
Licensed NLP Trainer • The Society of NLP
Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)
Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner • Starr
Trauma-Certified Practitioner • HeartMath
ICF Michigan Executive Board Member 
Former ICF Michigan President

For coaching and speaking inquiries, please reach out directly [email protected]

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Rachel Paling, Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching

Jodee is indeed an amazing Master Coach. I always left our sessions with totally renewed energy, clear action steps and most importantly a sense of peace. I strongly recommend Jodee as your professional coach, whether for private or professional.

PETER VASQUEZ, CEO Internet Marketing Company

After working with Jodee, my vision and perspective become ability to step directly into my intentionally created reality is now part of my everyday life.

JOANNA DARMANIN, $50M+ Producer • Owner Jo+Co

Myself and my team coaches with Jodee around mindset, productivity and growth. She has helped each team member self discover answers that move us to the next level.

A few highlights of Jodee's recent work

Top 15 Coaches

Oct 2021, Jodee was recognized by Influential Digest as 1 of the top 15 coaches in Detroit, Michigan.

NeuroHeart Education Conference

Jodee was honored to speak at the NeuroHeart Conference in both 2021 & 2022 in Sitges, Spain.

Women's Council of Realtors

Jodee kicked off 2022 speaking for the Women's Council of Realtors annual event in January.

Hall Financial

Jodee was honored to be a guest speaker for an intimate group of Hall Financial's VIP clients in January 2022.