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Why I do it…

Odds are slim to none that I would be standing where I am today based on my childhood track record of being - a wild child, learning disabled,  graduated HS with a 0.9, teen mom, part-time drinker, full-time rule breaker…yet what also flowed from that same space was a relentless pursuit of wholeness.

I somehow embodied the belief that just because my circumstances were far from ideal did not preclude me from still being a contender in the race. The truth was - wherever I put my head was where my focus went, yet oftentimes, in those days, my head was not in the right spot. You not only get what you focus on, you also get what you embody. That simple awareness led me deep into the world of neuroscience, professional coaching, developmental psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy, trauma healing, yoga, meditation, energy work…and the law of vibration. The undeniable experiential education I gained from that collective journey is what carries me today. Pairing that with my overzealous formal education is simply icing on the cake.

With absolutely zero evidence. I believed.
So I tried. Yet trying wasn't good enough. 
I fell down. I quit. I mastered dysfunction. 
Two steps forward, 17 steps back. 
Yet I woke up one day and realized that I was not where I started. And even if it was not. my final destination, I had moved, I had changed, and I had evolved. I was no longer the person I used to be. And it was in that moment that I realized -

Life is simply a playground.

Entertaining our old stories, other people's limitations, labels, and perceptions of who they believe you are is how people get stuck. You are powerful beyond measure and capable of your wildest dreams. If you’re sick and tired of feeling stuck at whatever stage your in and you’re ready to find the best of you, click below.

I'm ready.

Jodee's incredibly colorful background allows her to connect with any audience

Jodee Gibson, PCC is not your average coach. Jodee’s inevitable passion for human behavior transcends long after she leaves the venue. As a soul-led master coach, she teaches from a very intentional and practical lens. That lens weaves together human development, neuroscience, developmental psychology, neuro linguistic programming, consciousness, trauma, intention, professional coaching and the law of vibration. The intersection she creates with these is beyond fascinating.

As a professional coach, she has created massive change and generated millions of dollars for her clients including Keller Williams Realty, National Institute of Health, the University of Michigan and the International Coaching Federation. Jodee has built award winning cultures and recently published her first book, Healing Your Map, encompassing developmental trauma. Her goal is to create effective, sustainable change in leadership. 

As a doctoral student, her unconventional, holistic approach emerges from pairing her often tumultuous experiential education with her extensive formal education. Although she is considered an expert in her field, she will forever remain a student of this work. Jodee is the proud mama of two beautiful daughters, lives in Oakland County, Michigan, and coaches and speaks worldwide. For more up to date information, please visit

Healing Your Map won a 2023 IPPY Silver Medal in Psychology/Mental Health.

Jodee was one of the Top 15 Coaches in Detroit in 2021 & 2023.

For coaching and speaking inquiries, please reach out directly [email protected]

This is a glimpse of her educational path -

PhD in Psychology & Human Development • current student
Master of Arts • Organizational Leadership
Licensed NLP Trainer • The Society of NLP
Professional Certified Coach (PCC - ICF)
ELI Master Practitioner (iPEC)
Certified Trauma Practitioner
Compassionate Inquiry student (Dr. Gabor Maté)
verifiable at

For coaching and speaking inquiries, please reach out directly [email protected]

Her most recent work

Awards & Recognition

Top 15 Coaches in Detroit 2021 & 2023

2023 IPPY Silver Award Winner for psychology and mental health

Acclaimed Presenter - International Society for Contemplative Research - Feb 2023

Keynote - NeuroHeart Educational Conference - Stiges, Spain - 2021, 2022 & 2023


As a native Detroiter, her warm, direct and raw energy will engage you from word one. Jodee has:

Learned Directly From

Dr. Richard Bandler - The co-creator and father of neuro linguistic programming (NLP).


Mentored With

Some of the most influential leaders in self-mastery and personal development including Tony Robbins himself.

Heavily Studied 

The content of these collective geniuses including Abraham, Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Paul Hegstrom & Bessel van der Kolk, MD.

Shared The Stage

With Rollin McCraty, of the HeartMath Institute
Thomas Feiner, Institute for NeuroFeedback and so many others great leaders.




We don't know what we don't know.