We coach and train senior leaders so they can then build healthy, thriving cultures.

The behavior of your leaders determines the culture of your business. It's time to raise the bar.  

We train and coach impactful leaders like you because we know that once we've unmasked your inner truths... 

You are a force to be reckoned with.

And the way you lead from that new space has the capacity to change the world.

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Our mission here at Human Behavior Architects™ - to help leaders create awareness around the areas that often feel challenging, isolating, lonely or even ‘stuck‘ and to instead offer flexibility and movement in the spaces that feel concrete. We deeply believe there is space for healing. We’re passionate about teaching people about human behavior, about the unconscious patterns we operate in and how to access the highest version of ourselves, even when our back's against the wall. We've done and continue to do deep, extensive research in this exact space. We offer coaching, training, and speaking opportunities on everything we've learned thus far. Awareness is key because one thing we know for sure… 

We can only change the things we are aware of.

Jodee Gibson

founder of Human Behavior Architects™ and Soul-led Master Coach

My Big Why

Leading is an honor. Leading from a healed space is how legends are born.

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People who know better, do better.