How to work with Jodee

Educators & Parents

Teaching is a place of transformation that begins with vulnerability and trust - for both. Building influence and leading others becomes challenging when you're starting with a less than a blank canvas. Teaching educators and parents about conscious learning and how words work deeply enhances their ability to breakthrough and build intentional habits for their learners. Oftentimes instructions are misconstrued or simply fall on deaf ears. Not because the person doesn’t want it, yet simply because their previous programming is running an invisible interference. We have sustainable solutions.

Healthcare Providers

Behavioral health is a demanding job. One of the most critical components to mastering that space is effective communication. Healthcare shortages, physician burnout, ineffective communication, and lack of training and support make behavioral medicine an incredibly challenging landscape. We have your solution. Your well-being and the well-being of your patients is our fluent language. We have a simplified, comprehensive training that uncover unconscious blindspots in communication, allowing deep, conscious awareness of exactly what your patient is saying, what they are not saying, how they have embodied this reality and how to invite sustainable healing. It's a fascinating approach (both personally and professionally).

Athletic Coaches

Coaching is built on trust. A coach's words land differently. They land inside the players physiology and immediately take up space, positively or negatively. This process dramatically effects the game because words are often misinterpreted and the create incredible resistance. Amazing teams are built on exceptional teamwork and effective communication. We help coaches build effective communication habits by learning How Words Work™ and how to use them. It's time to get inside your players mind. We are available for coaching clinics and player clinics.

Executive Leaders

Let's face it, being the leader can be a challenging space, especially when you're navigating multiple different perspectives. Growing sustainable leaders requires conscious participants and a skilled communicator. We teach executives, just like you, how to establish early awareness for rising leaders and about the hidden side of communication. Our biopsychosocial approach is unlike any other leadership development concept and invites deep sustainable transformation. Reach out to see how we can help your team. 
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Behavioral Health
As a speaker, Jodee is brought in to educate leaders on how to  
Unlock Stuck Spaces
Remove Limiting Beliefs
Uncover Unconscious Barriers
Increase Player/Client Success
Interrupt Destructive Patterns
and instead
Increase Self-Awareness
Create Sustainable Change
Invite Self-Discovery
hift Perspectives
Leaders who can deliver a highly impactful messages become highly sought after. Learn how today. 
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The most effective communicator becomes the loudest voice in the room.


Dr. Marshall Goldsmith • #1 Executive Coach & New York Times bestselling author

As quoted on the front of her book...
Fascinating and powerful! Jodee's book Healing Your Map takes readers on a profound journey to discovering their worldview, how it was all shaped and how it has affected their life...

Dr. Joseph Rios • Educational Consultant for Google

Jodee is a professional that is committed to helping you understand human behavior. Her instructional style combines lecture and action which deepens your ability to understand. Jodee is a master at conveying the essence of human behavior.

Eric Stark • Head Volleyball Coach | University of Michigan Dearborn

I continue to hear student athletes as well as coaches using Jodee's content and referencing her materials. And not to sound like a Billy Joel song yet it's interesting to see how life events leave a permanent imprint on someone's map...very interesting.
Dr. Richard Bandler • Co-creator of NLP
Jodee Gibson has pragmatically taken the NLP theory to the person. I have, for fifty years, dealt with and developed technologies to get people past trauma of every kind. I find her description proudly useful. READ HER BOOK and heal yourself to life free and happy.

Rachel Paling • CEO of NeuroLanguage Educational Foundation

Jodee is indeed an amazing Master Coach. I always left our sessions with totally renewed energy, clear action steps and most importantly a sense of peace. I strongly recommend Jodee as your professional coach, whether for private or professional.

Liz Connelly, MCC • CEO of Maxwell Enki

Jodee's amazing gift to ask the right question at the right time and evoke deep self-discovery is beyond powerful. She effortlessly gets to the nub of the issue. Her approach is targeted whilst remaining gentle and caring - highly recommended to anyone!
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We can only change the things we're aware of.
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Healing Your Map

Jodee's first book, Healing Your Map - was released in November, 2022 and earned a 2023 IPPY Silver Medal for psychology/mental health.
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.