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Top 15 Coaches In Detroit • 2023

In August 2023, Jodee was recognized (for the second time) by Influence Digest as one of the Top 15 coaches in Detroit, Michigan.

Independent Publishing Silver Medalist • Psychology/Mental Health

May 2023 - Healing Your Map won a Silver Medal for Psychology/Mental Health 

Parenting 101 Plus • Healing Your Mind

Jodee & Dr Paul talk about the map, childhood development and masking trauma.

NeuroHeart Educational Conference • 2023

In May 2023, Jodee spoke live at the NeuroHeart Educational Conference in Stiges, Spain for the third consecutive year.

International Society For Contemplative Research • San Diego, CA

Jodee presented Healing Your Map at UCSD for the ISCR convention in February 2023.

The Sophisticated Delinquent • Healing Your Mind

Jodee & Dylan talk about the effects of normalizing trauma and masking dysfunction.

Unshakable Habits • Mapping Our Values

Jodee & Stephen talk about men's health and wellness and  the effects of normalizing dysfunction.

The Mental Arsenal • Healing Your Map

On this podcast, Jodee dove deep into the map - what it is, how it works and who can change it.

All Things LGBTQ+ • Here's To Our Allies

In December 2022, Jodee was invited to be part of an incredible, soulful conversation with Annie McKinnon.

Moms Giving Up Without Letting Go • Leading Is An Honor

In December 2022, Jodee jammed out with Michelle Weidenbenner on parenting, addictions, human behavior and so much more.

Healing Your Map • November 2022

In November 2022, Jodee released her first book - Healing Your Map • a guide to understanding discernment, trauma and human behavior.

Top 15 Coaches In Detroit • 2021

In October 2021, Jodee was recognized by Influence Digest as one of the top 15 coaches in Detroit, Michigan.

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