Silver Award Winner

Healing Your Map

A guide to understanding discernment, trauma and human behavior.

- gains critical acclaim for independent publishing - winning a Silver Medal for Psychology & Mental Health

You can honor your old story and release it at the same time

Imagine a book that leads you deep inside the journey of how you became you. Not a book that shares how you are supposed to be or labels you or makes any attempt to fix you. Simply a book that allows you to understand the inner workings of you and how it all was created. Healing Your Map is about identifying and healing the root causes versus treating the symptoms that emanate from them.

My belief is that awareness creates access. As the brilliant Dr. Maya Angelou often shared, people who know better, do better. Yet how can we be expected to do better if we don’t have the access or the awareness to know the difference? If this concept speaks to you, know this...

Every person on the planet was born with a blank map.

You have a map. I have a map. Every single person has their very own map. Since the moment you were conceived, your map has been and will continue to unknowingly collect and encode each and every little detail of your life. Your values, beliefs, stories, thoughts and so much more, have collectively built the highly subjective map that you use to navigate the world.

The questions become
- Where is your map currently navigating you?
- And is it leading you to the places you want to go?

The only way to find out is to read this book.

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Endorsed by

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

“Fascinating and powerful! Healing Your Map takes readers on a profound journey to discovering their worldview, how it was shaped, and how it has affected their life.” – DR. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH is the Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. 

Dr. Richard Bandler

Healing Your MapW- What a great book! Jodee has pragmatically taken the NLP theory to the person. I have, for 50 years, dealt with and developed technologies to get people past trauma of every kind. I find her description proudly useful. READ THIS BOOK and heal yourself to live free and smile. - DR. RICHARD BANDLER, co-creator of NLP 

Owen Fitzpatrick

“Jodee brought together a number of powerful tools in a comprehensive approach to healing your past. . . the chapter on trauma brings everything together excellently!” OWEN FITZPATRICK, psychologist and co-author of The Ultimate Introduction to NLP

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Until you understand what lights up your neurology, why your physiology responds before you do and how it's all tied together, you will continue to repeat the same challenges. 

Understand what's possible.

People who know better, do better.