The Golden Buddha

~ There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in ~ Leonard Cohen 

In 1954, in Bangkok, Thailand, a monastery was being relocated to make room for a new highway. The monks were given the task to arrange for a crane to come and move a clay Buddha to its new location. One moving day, when the crane started to lift the statue, it was actually much heavier than expected and immediately began to crack. Wanting to protect the priceless shrine, the monks lowered it back down and decided to wait until morning to move the statue. They were going to arrange for more powerful equipment.  

As that night grew darker, the rain set in. Unsure of what to do, the monks lovingly covered the statue with tarps to keep the moisture away. The head monk, unable to contain his curiosity and utterly honoring his intuition, took out his flashlight just to check on the Buddha one last time for the night. Much to his surprise and completely validating his...

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The 2020 Mindset

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2020

It's often spoken that ‘2020 is the worst year ever’ or ‘2020 keeps on giving’ or ‘its just one thing after another’. How interested would you be in experiencing 2020 from a completely different perspective? Taking a shifted glimpse at the same year with different eyes. Deal? Let’s do it!

As crazy as it may sound, nearly 95% of our days emanate from a highly unconscious, preprogrammed pattern that we unknowingly created decades ago. We move about, from one thing to the next, without ever realizing how we got there or why we’re doing it. We repeat patterns that we learned, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, make food, drive a car, the list goes on and on...and we continue to cycle through the pattern, barely conscious, in a highly defaulted state, until something interrupts it. Enter stage left March, 2020...your world came to a screeching halt. 

2020 interrupted your pattern.
2020 shook you awake from your unconscious...

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