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Intro to NLP is a one day event for anyone who is interested in learning more about NLP.  

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NLP for Coaches

NLP for Coaches is a hybrid course designed to introduce and integrate NLP into your professional approach 

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About NLP

How much do we actually know about language & leadership?

The truth is - we don't know what we don't know. Embracing that idea, think about the people you currently believe and trust. The people who led you. The people who's words were spoken into you and you absolutely believe them. They most likely fell into one of four categories - your parents, your teachers, your coaches, and your health care practitioners. These are the four main categories of people that create our foundational beliefs.

Pause for a moment and think -
How much awareness would you have around the accuracy or validity of the things they told you?

The answer (most likely) id, you wouldn't. You have zero awareness around where your core beliefs originated. Because once a belief is established - it is very quickly normalized, regardless of its validity. 

The second question is - Would you want to be held responsible for unknowingly installing a limiting belief for a child, a student, a player or a client because you didn’t know any better?

Probably not!

That's precisely why understanding language is so imperative. If you yourself fall into one of those four categories - PARENTS, EDUCATORS, COACHES OR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS - it's your absolute responsibility to understand how words work so that when you use them, you use them with intention. Leadership is about becoming consciously intentional, including being intentional about the words that you speak into other people.

Why does it matter?

Understanding how words work matters because it's exactly how we build the world around us. 

It's what builds our perceptions. It's responsible for how we sort things.
It's how we discern things. 
Language is what builds our foundation beliefs.
It's the epicenter of our being.

It's also how limiting beliefs are built.
Language is responsible for the stories we build around ourselves. 
It's responsible for our self-talk.
It's the exact space that keeps us stuck. 

Stuck in old stories.
Stuck in old energy.
Old convictions
Old habits.
And old family drama.

Using my tried and true tools...

You have the power to change everything. 

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What is NLP?

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is the art of understanding the unconscious patterns that create human behavior. As humans, observing that we all operate in patterns, is one of the most fundamental gifts you can give yourself and your clients. The patterns that we move in, are created over time and always have roots (anchors) that were established long before we had conscious awareness.

These patterns are there for a reason. They were built to keep us safe. Yet, over time, the patterns become less and less effective because the function they originally were designed for was safety, not evolution. This is why, as we try to learn new things and change old habits, we are often met with resistance. Everything is great for a few days or maybe even a week, yet then we return to the old pattern...the unconscious pattern of safety. Imagine how much more effect you would become, as a leader, once you learn more about NLP.

NLP dives deep into how we process information. It uncovers what information gets stored where, for what function and how we recall that foundational information. All of this is done at a highly unconscious level. As a coach, learning and using NLP tools is what separates the average coaches from the master coaches. Master your craft.

NLP is an art. It's that delicate space that we are either completely unaware of or vehemently protective of concealing. It's the area that we house all of our old stories...the ones that no longer serve us yet permeate every fiber of our being. Learning NLP for leaders, especially parents, teachers, coaches, healthcare practitioners is imperative, because these are the four key areas where most people accept solid guidance from.

Educating these leaders is my life's work.

Jodee Gibson, MA | PCC | Licensed NLP Trainer

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My Intention

My intention is to educate leaders and start teaching people how to heal from the old stories, the limiting beliefs and the generational trauma that pervades our communities. The trickle down effect from there is inevitable. We heal the world around us simply by being the best version of ourselves, modeling the behaviors we wish for others and making self-care a priority.

My Vision

My vision is that people begin leading with intention and in return start modeling the healthy behaviors as a benefit to all. When people witness you taking great care of yourself, using your voice in a way that moves others and contributing to the world from a soulful place, it models for them what healthy adults function like. When we model that as parents, as coaches, as teachers and as healthcare providers, we teach our kids by doing. From that point, we have the ability to change the world. 

Who Can Benefit From Learning More About How Words Work?

Parents, Educators, Coaches, and Healthcare Pracitioners (to start). The most powerful thing we can recognize is that we don't know what we don't know. And as I reflect back on my 'if I only knew then' moments, they mostly surround the voices I held sacred - my parents, my teachers, my coaches, and a few doctors. I believed their words when they were spoken into me because I didn't know any better.

When words are spoken into us or behavior is modeled to us, we believe them.
We honor them as truth.
We hold them sacred.
We embed them into our beings and forever make decisions based on those foundational beliefs, regardless of their validity.

The challenge that arises is that most often those words were NOT 100% true or were wildly misconstrued due to our map of the world.

Join our community and consider enrolling in our NLP courses and start leading with intention. This is what separates average leaders from legends.

How to Learn

Jodee teaches the How Words Work™ as a foundational space to later build upon. As leaders, adding this method into what you already know is easier than you think. The eliminates the unknown. When you fully understand how someone processes information, you can then create more awareness and invite self discovery. 

Secondly, understanding how words work and then speaking with intention to children, clients, students and ourselves, dramatically changes things. Both your life and theirs immediately become easier and clearer. 

How Words Work™ - the full course was built after multiple requests and in response to people demanding more. These simple yet incredibly effective techniques help leaders transform (individually and as a collective).

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I learned from the best. 

For anyone who doesn't recognize this amazing human, please meet Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP. To say that Dr Bandler has been instrumental in my NLP education would be a complete understatement. The NeuroEnlighten method is heavily founded in NLP. NLP is a delicate art, learning it directly from the person that created it establishes an understanding like no other. I have completed all of my formal NLP education directly with Dr Bandler and have earned every license he has to offer.
I'm honored to now teach it to you. 

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Intro to NLP

Intro to NLP is a one day event for anyone who is interested in learning more about NLP.  

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NLP for Coaches

NLP for Coaches is a hybrid course designed to introduce and integrate NLP into your professional approach 

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People who know better, do better.